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   The following December,1998, my computer broke down and despite valiant attempts by friends and a despairing helpline, it defied resuscitation. I mentioned this to John Quigley when he dropped round in February for it was still flat-lining. 'They want you to write' was his enigmatic conclusion. 'Write what? I don't have anything to write about!' 'Just sit down quietly each day with a pen and paper and ask for guidance.'
      So I did, sitting in meditation for half an hour each afternoon then writing down the thoughts streaming through my head. Sometimes the thoughts stopped in mid-sentence, my mind left in suspension for minutes on end. At other times the whole thing seemed so completely ridiculous, especially the material at the start of the practice writings and particularly when equations came through, that a few sessions ended up straight in the bin. 

      Any obvious mistakes are my own for as the best of secretaries will confirm, there are always difficulties with dictation and there were also times when I was not as deeply relaxed as necessary and conscious thoughts intruded. When you're working like this you just have to go with the flow and at times the energy will dip and you just write down stuff in your conscious mind or start making things up.

      Nonetheless you have to continue and write down everything without filtering it otherwise the flow will stop altogether. You will therefore come across weeds of nonsense and inconsistency such as references to the war in Yugoslavia. In order to demonstrate the honesty of the process they've been left in.
      Dates and compass bearings were tricky. For example the original compass bearings were found to be 180 degrees out of kilter with the 'real' ones eg. for north read south, which could be to do with the reflection of the material and spiritual planes. Some have been corrected, some have not - I got distracted and lost track, so the only way to know for sure would be to examine the original writings.

      Future dates were wrong (apart from the previously mentioned September 2001 reference) because I specifically forced them, wanting to know exactly when the events were going to materialise. They have been left out here as they detract from appreciating the other information but they do appear in the original book if you want to track a copy down. The historical ones have been left in but whether they are right or wrong only time will tell - they were clearer in my mind than the future ones.
      Regarding the seventy so-called 'Books' listed in the index, often the knowledge contained in an entire 'Book' is condensed into just a sentence or two and they are scattered throughout the writings in a different order to the one given in the index but it has been possible to marry them up with the contents of the text. To help you out each 'Book' has been linked to the section of the text that seems to contain the relevant content. Some content relates to 'The Crystal Keys', a series of recorded trance sessions, transcripts of which are also available on this site. Other bits are unfathomable such as 'The Freemason's Art' whilst others are simply missing eg. 'Essences and Remedies' and 'Floral Classification'. I think they're in that bin.

      Finally the diagrams are not of a professional standard because they were just scribbles for my own use with no thought of publication. They are presented in their original state as true copies of the original documents.

      The writings that survived the cull are written as dated. I started checking what facts I could given that the internet was in its infancy and to my shock, they were true. Realising the predictory nature of some of the content and perhaps a future need to provide proof of foreknowledge, a sealed copy of the transcripts was deposited with a solicitor in September 1999 and I set about compiling a book,'Phoenix Return' , which was published in June 2000, copies of which were contemporaneously submitted to the Legal Deposit Libraries as required by UK law.
      Further verification is an on-going process. Sometimes it took years for the necessary validating nuggets of information to come to light such as the pattern of flooring in an obscure Vatican chapel  or the extraordinary shallow waters and sediment off the southern coast of Costa Rica. The project is an ongoing inter-disciplinary jigsaw the solution of which will prove that this is a genuine spiritual communication and not just another tangled web of half-truths and fantasy.


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