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'O Holy Books, who have been made by my immortal hands, by incorruption's magic from decay throughout eternity remain, and incorrupt from time. Become unseeable, unfindable, for every one whose foot shall tread the plains of this land, until Old Heaven doth bring forth meet instruments for you...'  

'The Spell of Thoth'  

Kore Kosmou  

Trans. G.R.S Mead

Please note that each of the book themes has been condensed into a short text and woven through the main body of writing. They are succinct, simple and memorable explanations of complex spiritual and scientific concepts, prepared with the intention of preserving the knowledge through oral transmission for posterity.

   Book 1             The Origin of Life         
   Book 2             The Universal Constant
   Book 3             Foundations of Philosophy
   Book 4            The Freemason's Art
   Book 5             Biological Features of Existence
   Book 6            Mathematical Proofs of    
   Book 7             Interpretation of the Cycles of
   Book 8             Perception of Light
   Book 9             Vibrational Reality
   Book 10           Sound and its Applications
   Book 11            The Artistic Mean
   Book 12            Navigation through the Ages
   Book 13            Death and Rebirth
   Book 14            Procedures for Harnessing 
                             Natural Power  

   Book 15            The Principles of Duality
   Book 16            Recognition of Destiny
   Book 17            The Stream of Consciousness
   Book 18            Strands of Perpetuity
   Book 19            Agricultural Planning
   Book 20           Ciphers and their Construction
   Book 21            Words of Power

   Book 22           Alchemical Transformation
   Book 23           Opportunities for Growth
   Book 24           Time and the Essence
   Book 25            Celebration of the Markers
   Book 26            Interpretation of Omens
   Book 27            Inanimate Objects
   Book 28            The Intelligence of Crystalloids
   Book 29            Space-Time Reality
   Book 30            Expression of Constant Values
   Book 31             Orienteering from the Celestial

   Book 32            Geneaology of the Races
   Book 33            Migration
   Book 34           Settlement
   Book 35            Separation of the Species
   Book 36            Crystalline Intelligence   
   Book 37            Theological Concepts 
   Book 38            Resurrection Ceremonies
   Book 39            Wisdom of the Timekeepers
   Book 40           Separation of the Continents
   Book 41             Species and their Origins
   Book 42            Meterological Prediction
   Book 43            Special Reports
   Book 44           The Fluid Continuum
   Book 45            The Network of Energy Places 
   Book 46            Construction of Temples 
   Book 47            Metallurgical Concepts
   Book 48            The Crafting of Material 
   Book 49            Floral Classification
   Book 50            Essences and Remedies
   Book 51             Concepts of Healing
   Book 52            The Healing Sanctuary
   Book 53            Time and Healing
   Book 54            Prevention of Disease
   Book 55            Concepts for Government
   Book 56            Planetary Activity
   Book 57            The Division of Labour
   Book 58            Priestly Concepts
   Book 59            The Law of One
   Book 60           Time and its Elements
   Book 61            The Mastery of Energies
   Book 62            Stargates
   Book 63            Transmission of Thoughts
   Book 64            Construction of Thought-forms
   Book 65            Places of Interest
   Book 66            Interstellar Travel
   Book 67            Rhythms
   Book 68            Colour,Vibrations and Light
   Book 69            Instructions
   Book 70            Patterns of Existence

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