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      In July 1998 I was on a course run by The Healing Trust exploring spiritual healing having experienced spontaneous phenomena whilst training as an aromatherapist. I had no knowledge of or belief in either Atlantis or Lemuria and was not aware of anyone called Edgar Cayce and the legend of the Hall of Records. I accepted the spiritual side of life but was not religious and I certainly did not regard myself as any sort of priestess. I had no 'past life memories' of anywhere and so Atlantis was not on my radar at all.

      This was about to change dramatically. Events that weekend set in motion a chain of intriguing events over the following twelve months.

      It all started on the first morning of the course when I walked into the kitchen and stopped in my tracks seeing a pleasantly familiar man leaning back against the units opposite. 'I recognise you from somewhere but I don't know where...' I mused, trying to place his face. He beamed warmly in return, 'Yes, I was a priest in Atlantis.' There's not a lot you can say to that really so I just said 'Oh' and moved on. It took a while (a few years actually) for the penny to drop that he meant that we had met before in Atlantis. Enter John Quigley, one of the most kindly and knowledgeable men I know.

      Here are extracts from my diary relating the experiences that weekend which eventually led to practice writings and the transcription of the material on this site.


Atlantis Wisdom