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      Ancient Egyptian texts refer to a god called Thoth who came with others from a land to the west, across the ocean, which was destroyed in a great flood. Revered by the Greeks as Hermes Trismegistus, Thoth was the god of Knowledge. Before leaving Egypt he committed his treatises on Mathematics, Architecture and Astronomy to a series of volumes known as the 'Books of Thoth' and  concealed these texts from human sight. They have been sought through the ages ever since. A thorough account of the search and historical background is detailed in the books 'Secret Chamber' and 'Secret Chamber Revisited' by Robert Bauval, who states that mention of this chamber is made in the Westcar Papyrus 

      In 1923 a gifted Christian American seer called Edgar Cayce started a series of readings concerning the mythical land of Atlantis. He said that the Atlanteans travelled to Egypt with the records of their knowledge. 

The boat from Atlantis?

     These were sealed in a secret chamber, the fabled 'Hall of Records', that lay between the Sphinx and the river Nile at Giza. Cayce predicted that these records would come to light in 1998 at the same time as massive climate changes would begin to take effect.

      Combine the two and consider this possibility - that Thoth was not a god but an Atlantean High Priest who travelled to Egypt before the destruction of the island, taking with him the nation's precious teachings for safekeeping. The 'Books of Thoth' and the archives of the Atlantean priests could be one and the same.

      Whatever the truth of this conjecture, it remains that should the myths about a great flood and the obliteration of an advanced civilisation be true, the implications for our self-knowledge as a race are immense. Countless time, money and effort has been eaten up by researchers looking for Thoth's secret chamber near the Sphinx at Giza and others have spent lifetimes and fortunes searching for definitive proof of a lost civilisation, for example Ignatius Donnelly and Egerton Sykes

       The extensive work of Graham Hancock and others on ancient monuments as 'out of place artefacts' has laid a scholarly foundation for the proposition that the human race has forgotten its own history and to quote the great man himself are we 'A Species with Amnesia' ? The discovery of the buried ruins at Gobekli Tepe suggests that indeed we are.


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