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Atlantis Wisdom

      The Phoenix symbolises the resurgence of new life from apparent destruction. So has mankind been reborn from the cycles of natural calamity through the ages. Representing the Female Energy for the Chinese ancients, the Phoenix here described is as much the return of the female power to a masculine-dominated world as the symbol of new life.

      The female power is intuition, the guiding light of development. Follow these words with your heart not your mind for they reveal the wisdom and guidance of a loving Universe, illuminating your way through the clouds that gather.
      Foretelling the future is a difficult art for the seeds of that future are born by your will in the present. Yet there are some events that interpose on this process and it is to these that we draw your attention for the coming years will be troubled and tortuous, when you will be required to live by nature's laws alone.

      Technology will cease to function and your minds will be in turmoil. Let the wisdom of the ancient people lead you through the fire of destruction to the new life beyond - a life of simplicity and greater spiritual understanding. 

      This is a work of love for all life and love transforms what fire cannot touch.

Atlantis Wisdom