ATLANTIS WISDOM  - The Search for the Hall of Records Ends Here
This site relates the discovery in 1998 of a secret chamber, the Atlantean 'Hall of Records' 
 predicted by Edgar Cayce and the hunt for which is detailed in Robert Bauval's books 'Secret Chamber' and 'Secret Chamber Revisited'

However whilst researchers probed the Giza plateau, the chamber was found on the astral plane, as befits a repository of spiritual knowledge.

The information it contained was transcribed in light trance and relates the history, philosophy and spiritual knowledge of Atlantis, the elusive lost civilization thought by some to have been destroyed by an asteroid impact around twelve thousand years ago.

 Also described is a warning that we are soon to face the periodic return of the same comet tail that contained the asteroid along with directions to the location of as yet undiscovered Atlantean artefacts.

The likelihood of a significant asteroid strike is currently unverifiable but if the artefacts mentioned in this text were to be found, they would prove the existence of Atlantis whilst adding credence to the warning.

As far as possible, the content has been researched and found to be correct and in some cases discoveries or events only happened years after the first publication of the book in 2000. 

The writings were collated and published in 2000 as 'Phoenix Return' and the entire collection is published here free of charge because this is not a commercial enterprise. 

Finally, the Ancient Wisdom related is sorely needed in our turbulent times and signifies a return to global consciousness of the gentle,inclusive, intuitive and nurturing feminine power.