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This site relates the discovery in 1998 of the Atlantean 'Hall of Records' 
as predicted by Edgar Cayce. 

There is indeed a physical repository on the Giza plateau and the hunt for this is detailed in Robert Bauval's books 'The Secret Chamber' and 'The Secret Chamber Revisited'. However, whilst researchers probed the ground between the paws of the Sphinx the records were found on a higher dimension, accessible through meditation and safe from decay and theft.

The information therein was prepared and transmitted by Lemurian priests and transcribed in light trance. It relates the history, philosophy and spiritual knowledge of Atlantis as well as the location of artefacts.  The text also contains a warning that we are soon to face a periodic return of the same comet that destroyed Atlantis. If the artefacts are found, they will not only prove the existence of Atlantis but also verify this warning and give us time to prepare.

This ancient wisdom is sorely needed in our turbulent times and signifies a return to global consciousness of the gentle, inclusive, intuitive and nurturing  sacred Feminine power.

As far as possible, the content has been researched and found to be correct and the discoveries or events happened years after the first publication of the book 'Phoenix Return' in 2000. 

For the latest research findings see the section on Iona

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